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Back in the days of old, Alchemy was the practice of the intellectually and spiritually enlightened. An Alchemist spent long days and nights conjuring and concocting with all of the known elements and beliefs of the time; to prove right the notion that there was indeed a method of turning base metals to gold. Inadvertently from this, came science, chemistry and modern medicine. Although gold was never manifested from these labors, a profound understanding of the Universe around us and within us did.

This was the Renaissance Age- the age of enlightenment. In this quest for gold, there was only one element of the equation that was mistaken… base metals were not the key ingredients to the formula, we were.

I want to take you now on a journey into the body, mind and spirit; to awaken the consciousness within; the connection to the Universe around us and within us. Through this enlightenment, we can find our place in the cosmos, discover the true power inherent to all humans, and unlock the healer within. In essence; become the Alchemist and turn ourselves to gold.

What is the 'Alchemist Within'?

The Alchemist Within is beyond your mind, beyond human form, beyond your conscious awareness; it is the awareness of being aware. The true 'being' behind all that is in the world of form.

Finding this Alchemist within means becoming aware of your true-self. Not as a human living a lifetime, but rather a consciousness, a light-being experiencing a human existence.

Finding the Alchemist within you means traveling outside the boundaries of what is considered normal, to the realm of pure potentiality. By this I mean, excepting that anything and everything is possible.

How do I find the Alchemist within me?

Finding the Alchemist is walking in the ways of the Alchemist.

Alchemists, Sages, Wizards, and Shamans are all beings of nature.

By this I mean, they accept what is, without judgment and without attachment.

To Find the Alchemist Within is a Journey into your self.

This Journey has many paths to take - many decisions to make, many ways to forsake.

This Journey is not an easy one. It is not a straight line. It is not as easy as climbing steps. Nothing is crystal-clear.

Every step of the way challenges you to let go and leave, let go of what you believe, forget how you perceive, and redefine what it is to achieve.

* Unlearn what you have been taught. – Returning to Innocence

* Forget what you think you know. – Trusting Your Gut Instincts

* Release what is not yours. – Empathetic Disassociation & Detachment

* Believe that less is more. – Letting go of the world of form and ego

* Take responsibility and believing in yourself as the creator of your happiness, health, wellbeing and destiny.

– Turning yourself to GOLD!

Our mission in this lifetime is to experience the emotions, passions and the beauty of living, discover our dharma; or purpose in life, to walk with the 'Tao Te Ch'ing'- "To see clearly and live life fully", to learn the lessons of karma: the universal law of cause and effect, gain the wisdom from conquests and consequences, and share the knowledge with those we love...as well as those who cross our paths who we can teach and or learn from.

We play two roles in our lifetime: that of the teacher, and of the student.

A life filled with harmony is when we learn when to turn one off and the other on.

We experience Perfect, Unconditional Love and Trust when we have encounter with any life-form where the exchange of these roles is seamless and without judgment... This is Enlightenment!

Within this enlightenment comes the unlocking of knowledge and potential; the ability to manifest our dreams and desires and heal ourselves on every level; physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual. We need merely to set free - the pure potentiality that is our spirit.

We are born into this world with all the knowledge of the Universe, we just do not recall it. That is why we find some things just come so naturally, without training or practice. Once we re-grasp our true place in the Universe, helping the healing of others and ourselves and manifesting our wants and desire all become second nature.

When we unlock the mind, the body and the spirit to the endless possibilities and potentials, we will see that we don't actually learn anything new; we merely remember these things from our true beginnings in the cosmos. After all, we are star children; made from the same stuff that the universe is made of, and containing all the same secrets to knowledge, wisdom and power.

We must unlearn what we have been taught, and find the star-child within... and remember.

A Return to Innocence.

Once we discover our true-selves, beings of universal unconditional love, and realize that "we are part of the universe, and the universe is part of us, unconditionally... no matter what" we will then understand that we are connected to absolutely and seamlessly everything. Anything that we can imagine is within the universe of potential; therefore, we can manifest it.

It is our true nature; it is our free will,

and it is our reason for being.

-Tony Damian, LMT, RMT

"If you can dream it, it can happen!" -Walt Disney

Excerpts from – "Finding the Alchemist within – Turning Yourself to Gold!" by Tony Damian
If you would like to be a memeber of my "INNER SANCTUM" of readers that will review my manuscript prior to publishing to comment, correct and critique content and such... click on the link below and join in the fun with me.
below are a few more excerpts from "Finding the Alchemist Within - Turning Yourself to GOLD!"

2 Energetic Healing

What is Energy?

Life is magnificent; it cannot be replicated artificially. We can create A.I. (artificial intelligence), but not life itself. We cannot put bones, muscles and organs together on a table like Frankenstein and bring it to "life" because it lacks one fundamental ingredient, a "life-force" or "soul", "prana", "qi", "chi", "ki" or "Kundalini". This is the energy that is found in all life forms on our planet and anywhere in the universe. Anything that has life has this life-force energy.

This energy is "universal" meaning it is the connective force between all life, not only on Earth, but also to all life throughout the Universe.

Translation of this Universal Energy into Japanese is the modality that I teach and practice to facilitate the healing in others.

Universal = Rei Life-force = ki

Universal Life-force = the Universe's Energy of Life = Reiki

A university did a study that proved that when the human body ceases to live, within several minutes the total body weight drops by almost a pound. This proves to me that there is an invisible, physical entity or energy that has mass/weight that leaves the body, the life-force or what we call the soul.

This life-force is energy, and it flows throughout our bodies, inside and out. Internally it is chi or ki. It originates in the center of our body just above the belly button (Hara). This is where our life began, from the umbilical cord through which our life-giving nutrients flowed.

There are several energy centers within the body, each governing specific functions and systems, they are called chakras. Chakras are energy vortexes, cone-like, similar in shape to a hurricane or funnel, the points of origin being at the spine (at the various nerve plexus or bundles) and extending outward, spiraling several inches away from the body. In various cultures, there are different names and subtle differences in location to these energy centers.

The Body's Chakras emanate Life-Force Energy that spirals outwards to create the Aura.

*See the chapter on Chakras for information on Names, Locations and Functions and how to Clear, Activate and Balance these energy centers.

Everything that we experience on whatever plane affects the body, mind and spirit. What we do physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, affects our energy, internally and externally and vise – versa. By this, I mean; everything we experience creates a change in our internal energy network or chakras. This vibration ripples outward and changes our aura. Vibrations of our surroundings affect our auras, making changes in our chakras. Our chakras emanate from nerve bundles at the spinal cord, so these vibrations resonate with various systems within the body.

Our bodies consist of systems of organs. These organs are made of tissues. Tissues are made of cells. Every cell is made up of molecules, and these are made up of atoms.

Atoms exist in the microcosm, or the world of the very small. The makeup and patterns of atoms are the same as all of the levels of the universe. The macrocosm is the world of the very large, Planets to stars and galaxies. The same patterns are reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, the macrocosm or universe-level to the microcosm or sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical level. In this system of patterns, the midpoint is Man who is aware of all of this.

Atoms are pure energy; electrons orbiting a nucleus of protons and neutrons. 99.99% of the human body is empty space. This empty space is energy consisting of the forces of nature: electromagnetism and the greater and lesser interactions or forces, that has been concentrated or manifested into a physical entity... us. Every cell of your own body is unique from any other body; they are imprinted with your code, who and what you are. DNA - your consciousness, your energy signature, your soul…

If the universe were to have a GPS, you would be a location within the cosmos, not just a traveling visitor.

What is "Energy Work"?

Where did it come from?

"Energy Work", or the manipulation of the body's energy, is a practice that goes back several thousand years throughout many cultures and religions. 'Hands on Healing' or 'Healing Touch' can be found in every part of the world under as many different names or modalities.

Over time and distance, the working of this "life-force energy" has been molded into cults, religions and healing arts modalities. IE: Yoga, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reiki, Tia Massage, Qi Gong; It is all the manipulation and moving of the same "life-force energy".

With this comes the "humanizing" of this inherent force of nature found in all life forms; to be coined as a particular power unmatched by any other. (Not unlike religious convictions, political affiliation, cultural differences and so on)

Why use "Energy Work" in Healing?

"Energy work" is not a replacement of conventional medicine… it is a complement to it:

C.A.M. - Complimentary Alternative Medicine.

Some are recognized by the AMA and Insurance companies, some are not.

Modalities and practices such as: Massage Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Tapping, Hydro-stone Therapy, this list can go on for another four more pages - all of them have some kind of root to our ancestors, it was the way health and well-being was insured.

Today, however, it comes down to what will and can be covered by insurances, and that puts the ball back in the court of modern medicine. We are forced to trade the teas, tinctures, herbs, therapies and rituals for pills, surgery and watered down rehab simply because it is what we can afford to do.

State-of-the-economy not state-of-the-art!

This is the main reason for this book. Taking responsibly back for our own healthcare and returning to the Earth for our food and medicines, while focusing our inherent power to heal back on ourselves… rather than wasting this energy on stress due to relying on others and wasting time, health and money on things that in the long-run do more harm than good.

How does "Energy Work" work?


From the top of our heads to the bottom of our spine are nerve plexuses or bundles. Each plexus is an energy center called a Chakra. (See chart of major chakras in chapter 12) Each Chakra emanates from the spinal cord and radiates outwards creating the layers of our external energy. The energy that surrounds the body is called the Aura. (See chapter 22 for charts and explanations of the Auric bodies and planes) The aura is a signature or snapshot, if you will, of the body-mind-spirit at that point in space and time. To have the ability to read one's aura is to have a picture of every internal and external working. We do this consciously and subconsciously with every encounter and with any type of life-form.

Ever remember entering a place and seeing someone that you felt you just had to interact with? OR on the other hand, got the creeps about someone you haven't even talked to, and had to leave without any apparent reason at all?

Not a physical reason, but a metaphysical reason. Good Vibes / Bad Vibes; it is our own aura picking up the vibrations sent out by another person, animal, or even a place that holds the energy signature of an event or trauma that took place there, or even before it happens. Energy exists; it cannot be created or destroyed, only manifested or moved.

Therefore, energy knows no bounds of space or time. So the energy signature of an event exists before it happens, in that place it will happen in, also when the event takes place and forever in that space for all time.

This is how psychometry works, the alleged ability to obtain information about a person or event by touching an object related to that person or event. The Energy signature remains. This is why it is a good idea to know all the history of any land before building on it.

Example: Interstate 4 in Central Florida from Deland to Daytona is said to be haunted. Numerous truck accidents occur frequently on this very straight stretch of highway allegedly caused by apparitions in the middle of the road. What surfaced many years later is that the road was built over ancient Native American burial grounds. Or so this story goes.

Or walking into an Aleph; (first letter in the Hebrew alphabet said to hold mystical properties) a point in space and time that is connected to all points of space and time. Said to be only a few centimeters big; this is an energy portal that can transport you through space and or time for brief encounter. Whether or not you prescribe to any or all of these the point here is, energy exists even when matter is no longer present.

So trust whatever it is you feel where ever that might be. When we trust gut instinct (the feeling our stomach gives us at a point of decision at that very moment) we avoid unpleasant or dangerous encounters. As animals do all the time. (Animal instincts - fight or flight)

A question was posed to me: "Can one consciously change their aura?" The answer to that is "No". Although someone may have the ability to fool people as to their true intent, or even pass a lie-detector test, or have mastered the art of body language as to cloak true feelings and such. The fact remains: the aura is a snapshot of all the energies flowing throughout the entire body, mind and spirit… therefore if someone is truly trying to mask what it is that they think or feel; the dead giveaway is the aura. The ability to read someone's aura is an acquired talent that needs only the silencing of the mind of logic and heart of emotion and full attention to gut feelings. Intuition!

Excerpts from – "Finding the Alchemist within – Turning Yourself to Gold!" by Tony Damian
If you would like to be a memeber of my "INNER SANCTUM" of readers that will review my manuscript prior to publishing to comment, correct and critique content and such... click on the link below and join in the fun with me.